Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve 2005

This year to celebrate New Years, Linzy and I went over to Gerard's apartment for a party. It was a great time, and fun to see everyone.

Several of us exchange Christmas gifts at the New Years party, and this year the gifts were eerily one-tracked; Almost everyone got board games. Linzy and I gave people Balderdash and Loaded Questions, and got Scatergories and Taboo in return. Apparently that answers any doubts as to how popular the Game Nights have been. Either that, or everyone is tired of the selection of games Linzy and I could provide.

Anyways, it was an enjoyable evening and you can read on for some pictures.

Anita and Dan playing a staple of New Year's Eve parties: Moose

Tony, Wes, Jim and Dan watching some TV.

Anita and I

Dan intently watching Gerard bounce his quarter

Some guy came out into the parking lot of the apartment building around 11:00pm and starting juggling flaming torches.

Anita and Linzy showing just how sticky quarters can be.

Linzy, Gerard and Anita playing Imaginiff.

Tony and Felicia showing me how much they like their pictures being taken.

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