Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I'm always intrigued by how advertisements and product stocking changes before and after big holidays.

For example, last year after the holidays I noticed that Target had removed all the Christmas trees and replaced them with a gigantic display of plastic tubs.

A few days ago while waiting in a slow-moving checkout line at my least favorite big box retailer, I was amused to notice that 7 of the 8 magazines displayed at the checkout prominently featured one or more stories about weight-loss on their cover. Even better, the "Quick Digest" slot had been filled with "Weight-loss for Dummies" books.

I suppose that is not surprising with this being the time of New Years resolutions and all, but it still seems ironic when the stores replace their end-caps full of chocolate and candies with exercise videos and ab-crunchers.


Shawn said...

This is the first year I've been in an "active state" of weight loss during the New Year season. Because of that, I was more in tune to the amount of adds, news articles and overall media on the topic of weight loss. Just seems like there is a TON of it.

Did I mention I watched The Biggest Loser marathon Monday for like 12 straight hours?

Steve Eck said...

Linzy watched quite a bit of that BIggest Loser marathon as well.

I only watched one trial, but it amused me. They made all the people put backpacks full of quarters that added enough weight so everyone weighed what they did originally. Then they had to climb up a ladder.

Once they had all raced up the ladder in record time, they told everyone to take off the backpacks, climb the ladder again, and whoever showed the biggest improvement in time would be the winner.

THe look on the guys face who had powered up the ladder in like 40 seconds was priceless.

McBrideFarm said...

Re: Biggest Loser....I stumbled across that show one night toward the end of an episode, just in time to see the "where is he now?" footage of the person who had just been voted off the show. He had lost some ridiculous amount of weight...so much that I didn't even recognize him. He honestly looked about 20 years younger.

Anyway, I never did remember what day/time it was on, but if I happened across it I would watch. I thought it was pretty amazing what all the people were doing!

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, I was always amazed when they would show the people after the show and they were hundreds of pounds lighter.