Friday, March 31, 2006

Cowboy Karaoke

Today Linzy bought herself Karaoke Revolution Country, to complement her collection of two Karaoke Revolution games for the XBox. The game is pretty much exactly like every other Karaoke Revolution game except for the song selection and some changes to the options for the outfits you can dress your character in.

Some things are expected, like lots of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, belt buckles, etc. But there are some pretty strange clothing options in the game. Some of the wierdest outfits are only available if you unlock it. Things like:

1) Afro Hair, Cropped Pants, Armwarmers, Furry Boots
2) Hi-Top Hair, Star Glasses, Funk Coat
3) Velvet Supreme Outfit and Top Hat
4) Glam jacket & Scarf, Vinyl Pants, X-Ray Specs
5) Renaissance Outfit

I don't even know what a Velvet Supreme Outfit is, but I'm glad they included a top hat in the outfit. And don't even get me started on wearing Furry Boots and Cropped Pants, without Armwarmers.

Of course, there are standard clothing options that sadly weren't so surprising to see in a country karaoke game. Things like the mullet hairdo, the white tanktop (aka wifebeater), and the option for leaving your character barefoot.

Those things combined with the unlocked "Handlebar Mustache", and moving the body slider all the way to "Belly" make my character quite the looker.

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