Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bellagio Pictures

The fanciest hotel we visited on Monday of last week was by far the Bellagio. It was amazingly posh inside. Of course, you pay for that luxury in the ridiculously high room prices ($100 more a night then the MGM Grand, for reference)

The ceiling of the lobby.

Marble everywhere, was apparently the design motto.

They also had an amazing conservatory just off the main lobby filled from floor to ceiling with perfectly maintained flowers. It was really quite cool.

A frog made of mums.

They even had a huge butterfly cage because, you know, they can.

A little further back in the shopping section we stumbled onto what is apparently the world's largest chocolate fountain. Totally random (though it at least was in a chocolate shop), but pretty cool.

We also got to see the dancing fountains a few nights later, and they were just as amazing as we had heard. We watched the end of one song and then waited around to see the next show all the way through. It was well worth the wait, very cool.

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