Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Driving Slow

Last weekend Dan and I were talking with Linzy about when we used to work as custodians at church back in high school. There were several funny stories swapped about things that happened when we were there, but one that we forgot came to mind today.

One weekend Dan, our Boss and I were doing some outdoor cleanup, trimming trees and shrubs. We had two trucks (Dan's Dad's, and our Boss's) that we were filling with branches to bring over to the compost site. On our way back Dan and I ended up in the lead, driving down 130th street in Burnsville back to the church.

Now 130th is a two-lane road with no passing, with a 30 mile an hour speed limit. Our boss had repeatedly warned us not to speed on the way over to the compost site or on the way back. Why, I'm not sure since neither of us had any speeding tickets at that point. But our boss was kind of weird about those kind of things, and kept specifically telling us to remember to drive slow.

So, what do two high schoolers driving in front of their boss do when going down a no passing road? Why, drive 10 miles an hour of course. For a mile. While our boss was stuck behind stewing.

We of course thought it was a hilariously good idea, at least at the time. Our boss on the other hand was not amused. Especially as the cars started piling up behind forming a big caravan inching down the road on the way back to church.

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