Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gerard's Birthday

On Saturday night there was a surprise birthday party for my friend Gerard.

Dan and I took Gerard out for dinner before hand to get him out of the house, while everyone else gathered and setup for the party. After dinner we brought Gerard back for the surprise, and hung out at the apartment for several hours. Later most of us went to Shenanigan's Pub in Rosemount.

It was a long complicated road getting everything arranged for it to be a surprise, but the party ended up being a lot of fun and was a big success. Read on for some pictures of the festivities.

Mike trying out Country Karaoke.

Dan showing off his metal voice while playing Karaoke Party.

Jim taking Linzy and Felicia's picture.

Gerard's birthday cake (complete with this Convergence picture)

The NerdHerd, as Felicia dubbed us way back when.

Dan and Kelli came all the way up from mumps-infested Iowa for the party.

Felicia insisted that she wasn't double-fisting the drinks, that she was just 'holding' them for someone.

Brenden drove across basically the entire Twin Cities metro area to join us at Shenanigan's.

Linzy playing darts.


Kelli Olson said...

Pardon me, but Iowa is not Mumps infested! Just because some dumb college kids didn't get their MMR doesn't mean my ENTIRE state is infected or infested! Jeepers creepers! I know you're jealous that I get to live in such an awesome state, but you don't have to pretend to make fun of it! :-) Great pics!

Steve Eck said...

Kelli, all I know is that it's the biggest outbreak in Iowa in 17 years. Minnesota had 4 cases of mumps in 2004, there's 245 in Iowa.

But I was just teasing you.

Kelli Olson said...

I know you were just teasing, but we actually just broke 300, some kind of national record, such a thing to be proud of huh?