Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hoover Dam Pictures

On Wednesday while in Las Vegas, Linzy and I rented a car and drove out to see the Hoover Dam. It's a fairly quick drive, just 20 or 30 miles to the south-east of Las Vegas.

The generators on the Nevada side of the dam. Amazingly the second generator from the front is the original one that was installed when the dam was first constructed way back in 1936.

You can't see it in the picture above, but just below the lower right corner of the picture, there is a different type of generator that provides all the power the Dam needs for itself. The other 17 generators are used strictly to provide the power the Dam sells.

The view of the dam from the Arizona side.

The dam is 724 feet tall, which is hard to capture in a picture.

The bottom of the dam

Looking down the river from the dam

The observation platform where you stop on the tour.

The two Arizona intake towers.

Amusingly the walkway to the Arizona and Nevada intake towers each have a clock above them that say "Arizona Time" or "Nevada Time". Which are exactly the same, at least during the summer.

Lake Mead (the enormous lake formed by the dam) is down quite a ways from where it looks like it normally is.

It is also really, really clear.

The lake further upstream from the dam. It was amazingly blue.


McBrideFarm said...

I watched a PBS special about the building of the Hoover Dam. It looked completely insane. I'd love to see it someday. What is it with large volumes of concrete in a relatively small space that just draws us all right in?

Steve Eck said...

I've watched a couple of specials on how they built the Dam, all very interesting. And I still learned a few things on the tour.

I thought the Hoover Dam was a lot of fun to visit.