Monday, April 17, 2006

Mandalay Bay Pictures

On Monday last week, while we were in Las Vegas, one of the hotels we spent a while in was Mandalay Bay. It was a pretty nice looking hotel, geared somewhat towards business conferences it looked like.

In addition to the main hotel, they had a new trendy hotel "THEhotel". It looked pretty fancy, with extremely modern decorations like this crazy chandelier that caught my eye:

But the real reason we went all the way down to the hotel was to see the Shark Reef aquarium they had (I'm a sucker for aquariums). It was fairly cool, as aquariums stuck in random hotels go.

A white crocodile from Thailand.

A huge water monitor, just waiting for his next meal.

They had quite a few lionfish in one tank.

A moray eel who happened to be laying near the glass for a perfect photo opportunity.

They had a big tank of jellyfish, which I always like watching.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any clear shots of the sharks they had, and they had quite a few varieties. The low light, fast moving sharks, and my shakey camera arm didn't combine for good pictures. But the sharks were pretty cool. The neatest part was a glass enclosed walkway where the sharks looked like they were charging right at you only to veer right over your head at the last second.

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