Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Obsess Much?

[ Today I'll give you a breather from this week's stream of photo-only posts. ]

On the flight home from Las Vegas, Linzy and I ended up sitting across the aisle from each other. Sharing my row was a woman and her ~1-1.5 year-old son, Kieran. They were fine flying companions. Kieran was a little loud but quickly succumbed to the patented male-Eck charm with little kids, and spent a good portion of the rest of the flight making faces at me.

Anyway, the lady had a rather large bag of toys and items to keep Kieran occupied during the flight. He was more interested in playing with the phone in the back of the seat then with any of the several personalized books Mom had brought along. (By personalized, I mean those books that you can order where they insert your child's name at key points in the story).

When we landed, Mom whipped out her cell phone (with Kieran's picture as the wallpaper) to call for a ride. Then, it so happened that Linzy and I were standing on the sidewalk waiting for our ride when Kieran and Mom got picked up. Dad arrived wearing a custom trucker hat emblazoned with Kieran's picture.

Finally, for the coup de grace, I noticed that Mom's car (she had asked on the phone if it would be her car used for the pick-up) had a license plate that read "KIERAN2". Implying, I guess, that their other car also also had a vanity plate sporting Kieran's name.

Large quantities of toys? Pretty normal when traveling with kids.
Cell phone wallpaper of kid? Also fairly normal.
Multiple personalized books? Relatively mundane, although there were more then just a few.
Trucker hat with the kid's picture? A little less normal, I think.

But, vanity license plates for each car with the kid's name? Crossing into scary obsessive territory.

At least in my mind.


McBrideFarm said...

I'm sure Kieran won't hate life at all when he's about fifteen and getting picked up from school in a car with his name on the license plates.

Steve Eck said...

By his dad wearing a hat with Kieran's picture on it. That's like guarenteed 'cool' points with the other kids.

Andrea Anderson said...

She probably can only define herself through her child. Too sad.