Monday, April 24, 2006


This weekend I was over at a friend's house helping him plant two new trees. While leaning on my shovel, I happened to notice a dad and his sons playing baseball at a house behind me.

A little later while I was busy mixing up some mulch/dirt mixture to fill in the hole, when I heard the dad bellow:

Quit running like a girl!

By the time I glanced up, he had yelled "That's better", so I didn't get to see his little boy prancing around the bases. But however he was running, Dad didn't approve.


bill roehl said...

I was never very good at sports. That doesn't mean I wasn't an athlete (I was). It just meant that I couldn't run, catch, or throw.

Luckily for me, my father's idea of sports was fishing so I never heard that I was a sissy, wimp, or that I threw like a girl.

The sport I did end up involved in was swimming. My mother couldn't swim more than a modified doggy paddle and my father wasn't exactly Mark Spitz... So all they gave me was encouragement and praise.

I think I turned out ok. I just hope that I'm able to have the patience and calm attitude about my kid's choice of sports. I really hope that they don't choose swimming -- that way they will invariably be better than what I was able to do and I won't have anything to compare them to :)

McBrideFarm said...

That poor kid! Why are so many parents so dumb?