Saturday, April 22, 2006

Red Rock Canyon Pictures

On Thursday while in Las Vegas, Linzy and I used the rental car to drive over to Red Rock Canyon, which is about 20 miles west of the Strip (but these days just outside the edge of the Vegas urban sprawl).

There wasn't quite as much to see as at Valley of Fire, but it has a lot of hiking trails and there were a lot of bikers doing the 13-mile scenic loop.

A small Joshua Tree (I think), and some of the mountains surrounding Red Rock Canyon.

The rock formations at one of the first stops on the scenic loop. For a sense of scale, look at the little tiny people just above the start of the red on the left side, climbing the rocks.

A chuckwalla that was sunning himself on a rock I was climbing on.

A cocoon filled with creepy wiggling worms or caterpillar or something.

Did you know there was a desert tortoise? Well, there is, and apparently they are considered to be 'threatened', due to loss of habitat, people taking them as pets, and, I imagine, generally being slow.

A chuckwalla laying on his iguana couch, inside the visitors center.

And, as a fitting end to this week's endless photo posts, one of my favorites.

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Las Vegas Native said...

That is a Yucca plant you have pictured there.
Nice blog!