Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tasty Cowhide

This weekend when I was helping plant trees and worrying about the self-esteem of the neighborhood kids, I had put my wallet, cell phone, work pager, and assorted other goodies from my pockets in a small pile near the deck. I didn't think too much about it at the time, other then that I didn't want them getting in the way while digging holes and wrestling 16 foot trees around the yard.

Anyways, after we had finished the manhandling the first tree into its hole, all of the sudden Paul turned around and noticed his Samoyed acting suspicious over in the far corner of the yard. As he walked over, he realized just what it was that Sammy was tearing up/eating, my wallet.

Sammy must have had it for a while, because the wallet was ripped into about 20 pieces, none recognizable as even being part of a wallet. All the paper things in the wallet was in various stages of being digested, the credit cards were all chewed up, and Sammy had actually completely eaten some of the money.

As we were chasing Sammy and all the half-eaten receipts around the yard, I learned that apparently the dog has acquired a bit of a taste for leather. He had eaten Paul's wallet, his father's palm pilot cover, chewed on a couch, and now my wallet.

Luckily my drivers license was mostly intact (and has to be replaced in June anyways), the only credit card I use is still fairly usable, and of the two bills in my wallet Sammy only swallowed the $1 bill, and left most of the $20 bill. That made it easy to appreciate the humor of the situation, and reassure a horrified Paul and Laura that it was not a big deal.

I found it fairly amusing when I went to head home, and had to scoop up the two fistfuls of crumpled pieces of paper, broken credit cards, and junk that was all that was left of my wallet.


Warren and Becky said...

It must be something like a "cloven hoof" chew!

McBrideFarm said...

That's hysterical. "Well, I guess I'll be taking my pile of soggy paper and going now..." :) Don't let the dog in your car if you have leather seats!

Brenden Johnson said...

It wasn't leather but Sammy tried to eat my shirt once...while it was on my back. That crazy dog.

Steve Eck said...

Mom: Something like that, just the smell of cow I guess. It's not even like it was high quality leather, just a normal dockers wallet.

Sarah: Some of the remaining receipts were definitely a bit soggy!

Brenden: Trying to eat it while you were wearing it is impressive, that's pretty much guarenteed to get him in trouble.