Monday, April 17, 2006

Vegas Hotel Pictures

When we were in Las Vegas last week we stayed at the MGM Grand, supposedly the largest hotel ever to be awarded 4 diamonds from AAA. In addition to being one of the smokiest casinos on the strip, the front desk staff was a huge pain to deal with. I suppose when you have 5,800 rooms you don't give a crap if a couple people are getting screwed (which we were). I'd stay somewhere else.

The MGM Grand is just as big as we had heard. Our hallway was so long for a second I thought there was one of those infinity mirrors at the end. There are somewhere around 23 floors with a floor plan similar to this:

The golden lion in the lobby of the MGM.

They also have a lion habitat in the MGM, and we got to see one of the nightly feedings. That was pretty cool, since they did it right up near the glass where you could see everything that was going on.

New York, New York, which looked cool from the outside but was a confusing mess inside.

The Luxor, which we just walked through, saw the world's largest atrium by volume, and decided their prices for the attractions were too high.

Caesar's Palace, which was much larger then I was expecting.

Paris, which was actually pretty nice inside.

The canals in the Venetian. We were actually disappointed in the Venetian. The canals were sort of cool, but the layout was ridiculously complicated to find anything (and that is saying something in Vegas), and the casino/hotel was nowhere near as fancy as we were expecting after having seen the Bellagio just before).

The Plaza hotel downtown at one end of Fremont street.

The downtown casinos were quite a bit seedier feeling then the Strip casinos. There were several strip clubs right on Fremont street. Here you can see the sign for "The topless girls of Glitter Gulch". I didn't go inside to research exactly how seedy that place was, but judging from the Golden Nugget and the other casinos nearby, probably pretty sleazy.

The reason we went downtown was for dinner and to check out the Fremont Street Experience, which is a 5-10 minute video that is projected on a huge canopy that was built over four blocks of Fremont Street. It was pretty neat, and glorified everything Vegas is about: gambling, food, alcohol, money, and dancing girls. Unfortunately most of my pictures proving that didn't turn out, so you'll have to trust me as to the rest of the content.


Bill Roehl said...

If you're not a gambler, which I'm not at all, would it be worth it for me to go to Vegas?

Everyone says that it is but I don't believe them ;) What do you think?

Steve Eck said...

Well, I don't gamble very much but had a good time visiting Vegas. I liked seeing all the hotels and the state/national parks we went to. However I don't know that I'll feel the need to go back anytime real soon.

I ended up doing almost no gambling since the MGM didn't have any $5 blackjack tables and I never felt like gambling when we were at casinos that did.

Bill Roehl said...

Thanks. Kim wants to go. We'll have to put it on the planner. I would like to see the Hoover Dam...

Steve Eck said...

The Hoover Dam was pretty neat, and coincidentally enough, the subject of tonight's post. :)