Thursday, April 27, 2006


So, you might have heard that Nintendo announced the name for their next-generation video game console: Wii (as in we)

At this point I am thinking it is a pretty terrible name for a console. I kind of liked the code name "Revolution".

The explanations of the logic behind the name are fairly sketchy ("the two i's look like people playing together"....ummm what?) but then again, I wasn't a big fan of "Gamecube" when they announced that as the name for their previous console. So perhaps it will grow on me.

On the other hand, maybe it's just a stupid name. I guess only time will tell.


Bill Roehl said...

I thought that the "Playstation" was a stupid name. A really stupid name -- that is until I tried Gran Turismo.

Maybe the Wii will have some killer game that will bring adults over. I still think it's a platform for children though.

McBrideFarm said...

It seems that a name like Wii is just inviting teenagers to make fun of their parents who can't pronounce the name right. I read it as "why," and I can just see a mother somewhere saying, "Are you and your friends going to play videogames on that 'Why' thing of yours?" and the son giving her a derisive look like, "You are so dumb. It's 'We.' Duh."

But maybe that's just me. ;)

Steve Eck said...

Bill: Wii will attract adults the same way Nintendo always does, by trotting out their stable of classic gaming characters: a Mario Game, Zelda, etc.

Sarah: I read it as "why" originally too.