Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anita's Birthday

On Saturday night I went over to Gerard's for a surprise birthday party for Anita. It was originally supposed to be a surprise party for both Anita and Linzy (who share the same birthday), but Linzy had a bachelorette party the same night.

There was a pretty good turn-out, despite lingering concern until the very last minute that Anita wasn't going to show. We hung out, played some Guitar Hero and introduced Nikki to the party staple Moose.

Gerard and Jim were all about drinking Jager-bombs.

Gerard even made a fancy pie with Kahlua that everyone complained was way too strong. But it got eaten anyways, because who can pass up creamy chocolate pie?

Playing Moose.

Dan had a headache, Gerard needed another drink.

Felicia doesn't think much of Jim's dancing.

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