Thursday, May 25, 2006

Books: The Dragon Token

A few nights ago I finished reading The Dragon Token, the second book in the Dragon Star trilogy. Unfortunately it didn't manage to live up to the quality of the first book.

The Dragon Token largely fell into the second book in a trilogy trap, just filling the space between the first and last books and not having anything too significant happen.

Oh, most of the characters are there, and they are still interesting for the most part, but they basically just sit around trying to figure out what to do. Whereas the first book in the trilogy saw the invading army pushing the heroes out of one city after another, in the second book the characters arrive at their final retreat area and pretty much just hang out there. There are a couple battles, but for the most part the invading army is held up at Stronghold, the castle abandoned at the end of book 1.

I'm looking forward to book three in order to see how things end up, so the plot is still interesting, but I couldn't help but feel like The Dragon Token was just biding time until the third book.

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