Monday, May 08, 2006

Carrying Trays

Tonight Linzy and I were over at my least favorite store, Wal-Mart, picking up a new piece of deck furniture.

After picking out a new chair, we got in the garden area checkout line which was actually fairly long (for the garden area checkout). There were two ladies ahead of us in the line, which was being manned by the slowest-moving old woman you'll ever meet.

After spending 15 minutes ringing up a whole slew of plants, mulch bags (some opened and thus 'cheaper'), and other assorted crap the lady at the front of the line was finally done. She charged off with her cart, only to get stopped by the cashier. You see, she had left all her plants piled at the checkout.

The conversation went like this:

Cashier: You forgot your plants.

Lady: Oh. Could you put them in a tray for me?

Cashier: Nope. We don't have any of those.

Lady: Oh. I thought they usually had cardboard carrying trays for plants.

Cashier: Not at Wal-Mart!

With that, the cashier turned to the next person in line.

At the dismissive comment, the lady behind me went "Mmm-Hmm" in affirmation (as if saying "Of Course they don't have trays, you idiot").

Unable to argue with that succinct logic, the lady at the front of the line gathered up her plants and left.


McBrideFarm said...

Ugh. I hate Wal-Mart. I start twitching anytime we pull into the parking lot.

At least in the garden center line you probably avoided more of the screaming children that inhabit the regular checkout.

Steve Eck said...

Well, I just don't like the crowds and seeming haphazardness of the way everything is thrown on the shelves/aisles/etc. On the other hand, I can appreciate saving money, so I still end up shopping there from time-to-time.

McBrideFarm said...

Yes, the haphazardness! Oh, how annoying! And the stores are so huge that you have to walk through aisles of piled crap (and usually a gigantic display of inner tubes or something else that attracts all the little kids who start swinging the unwieldy items around in the aisles) to find what you want.

*shudder* I'm now starting to twitch.