Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It never fails to amaze me each spring just how little I see friends during the winter, compared to once the weather gets nice. It's not like the friends are snowbirds and leave the cold, snowy state of Minnesota during the winter. They live in the same houses mere miles away, but I'll sometimes go a long time without seeing them in person. And not always through lack of trying on my part (though I admit that sometimes it is my fault).

Then the weather starts to get nicer, our annual spring party starts to draw closer, and suddenly we have stuff planned every weekend.

In the past two weeks, Linzy and I were over Paul & Laura's for dinner, had Shawn and Andrea over to our place, had Laura & Andy over for dinner and went out with Dan and Nikki. That's a more diverse group of people then I hung out with during the entire month of February, especially in a non-party setting.

Plus there are all the neighbors that I've talked to now that we are outside the house for more then a quick 20-minutes of snow shoveling.

It's been fun.


Bill Roehl said...

Funny, I'm more active in the winter than I am in the summer.

I'm weird :(

Steve Eck said...

Is that because GeoCaching is more of a winter activity?

bill roehl said...

Actually, *more* people do it (nationwide) in the summer. I don't care for the elements that are available in Minnesota during the summers (deer ticks, mosquitos, heat, and tree cover).

I also have a lot of other crap I need to do that keeps me out of the woods (i.e. my wife becomes active ;))

I'm going geocaching in Hibbing/Grand Rapids this weekend and that will probably by my last big outing until the fall...