Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Hate George Lucas

I was disgusted to read today that Greedy George Lucas has now decided that he will release the original theatrical version of the Star Wars Trilogy (IV, V, VI) on DVD. But only in two-disc special editions bundled with the 2004 DVD versions that I already own.

So now I'll have to pay Yet Another $45 to get the movies that are really what I wanted on DVD in the first place. And then 5 years from now I'll be paying up again (probably twice the way George works) to get the movies in some HD format.

Thus far the only dirty Lucas trick I have managed to avoid is buying the special editions of the movie on VHS, because they just shouldn't be owned, especially by someone who already owned the originals on VHS. But I am not sure I will be able to resist this one, even if the movies are only in Dolby 2.0 surround (What is up with that, I want the original cut of the movie, but I don't care if they digitally re-master the sound track).

And, just to show how much George mocks my unreasonable need for his movies, the subtitle on the front page of the website advertising this new release says "See Han Solo shoot first".

Rubbing my face in the fact that George ruined the movies by tampering with them, and knows it.


bill roehl said...

I'm not a Star Wars fan but my wife *is*. She even collected the action figures... Yeah, she's weird ;)

Anyway, for Christmas 2004 I bought her the DVD set of the first three movies. Here I am thinking I'm the best husband in the entire world for doing this. Turns out, because of all the edits and additions to the movies, Kim was not exactly pleased. Everytime we watch the movies she groans, grunts, and moans when the added scenes come on.

I guess I'll have to be the best husband ever at Christmas 2006...

Scooter said...

Unrelated: I lost your Oblivion Post, so I'm putting this here because I thought you might be interested - link.

Steve Eck said...

Bill, I have basically the same reaction to the extra/changed scenes as Kim.

Scooter, I saw that Oblivion was re-rated. There are conflicting reports as to whether the content that is used by the mod was included with the game, and just unlocked, or a modified version of the normal content. If it was included with the game and merely unlocked with the mod, Bethesda and Take Two are DUMB. Since the same exact thing happened to them with Hot Coffee. If it is just a modified file that the mod puts in place, then they are getting screwed.