Monday, May 15, 2006

Marketing Lesson

Let's say you're a marketing executive at a major restaurant chain, and are angling for a big bonus this year.

Maybe you could decide to offer a special Mother's Day buffet. After all, Mother's Day is the second most popular special occasion to eat out, after birthdays.

And, maybe, you could even charge more for the Mother's Day brunch. Oh, everyone knows its exactly the same as the brunch offered at your restaurants every other Sunday of the year, but we'll all pretend like it really is special. I'd suggest a 35.8% increase in prices, just to pick a number.

Now, for the important part. Don't leave the flyers for the regular brunch at the tables. Because:

1) They have a list of items offered at the buffet, making it easy to compare the regular buffet with the "special buffet".
2) They blatantly show that the regular price for the buffet is $13.95, while the same thing on Mother's Day is $18.95.

Otherwise someone might accuse you of price gouging.

[ On a side note, no, we weren't suckered into an overpriced buffet yesterday. I just noticed the dual flyers at a restaurant table last week and couldn't help but compare them. And this happened to be a fairly reasonably priced buffet as Mother's Day buffets go. ]


Scooter said...

We went to a local Mexican bar/restaurant (not Don Pablo's - ick) and they gave Pooteewheet a free margarita, which was sweet! But then they spilled boiling cheese on her hand and gave her a blister. It was just like motherhood!

Steve Eck said...

Ouch, being burned with boiling cheese sucks. Alot of the local Mexican places seem to like to serve everything on scalding plates, so I guess I could see boiling cheese being around too. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Teresa's Mexican Restaurant has been pretty good about not bringing out cold food on a ridiculously hot plate, and their food is good too.