Monday, May 01, 2006

Rhode Island Wi-fi

I'm sorry, but everytime I see a story about how Rhode Island wants to offer statewide wireless broadband, I can't help but think:

One linksys router and...we're done.

Ok, ok, so in reality their state is not quite that small and would take a mesh of at least two routers, maybe even three if they weren't those fancy 802.11n jobs.


Bill Roehl said...

I'm more concerned with the thought that State controlled (free) Internet would eliminate competition in the market and people would be watched by the State and possibly limited as to what they could view online.

Yeah, it's great if you want to just go downtown and surf the web, but people are going to say "hmm, free, why do I need Comcast?!"


Steve Eck said...

This competition you reference, I'm not familiar with it.

We only have one cable company, and one phone company to choose from. And the phone company doesn't offer DSL to me, so we really only have a single choice of broadband.

And so far in the four and a half years we've lived here, Charter has shown no qualms about leveraging their monopoly to price gouge.

Nor does Frontier have any qualms about charging 50% more then Qwest for a phone line.

I agree that I don't want a Great Firewall restricting what I can look at online, but I don't really see municipal broadband as leading in that direction.

bill roehl said...

heh, yeah, I understand that the "free market" is limited based on government encouraged monopolies and as much as I dislike corporate controlled communications, I have to say that they will end up being the lesser of two evils :(