Monday, May 22, 2006

Spilled Rock

On Saturday while I was out washing the car in preparation for waxing it, we had a bit of excitement.

A large dump truck came down the street, that was either on its way to deliver some rock to someone in the neighborhood, or on his way back from delivering rock. Either way, just as he turned the corner onto my street, rock started just pouring out of the back of the truck.

The driver apparently didn't notice, and just kept dumping rock into the street as he roared down the road.

The rock pieces must have been fairly large, so it was shattering on impact and making a pretty big mess for the two blocks or so it took for most of the rock to empty onto the street.

After the initial shock my neighbor drove down the road to see if he could catch up with the truck, but it was already gone. With all the rock littering the road, that lane was basically unusable to cars. Eventually the Lakeville street department had to bring the street sweeper out to clean everything up.

Later that day, when I was walking Pippen, I noticed that Paul and Laura's had a large pile of new rock sitting in their driveway. I assume the cops probably stopped by at some point to find out who had delivered the rock, so they could send them a bill for the cleanup.

[ Incidentally, the picture doesn't really do the situation justice, you have to click through to the large one and even then the mess looked much worse in person. ]

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