Sunday, June 04, 2006

Brittany & Tony's Wedding

On Saturday Linzy and I went to our friends Brittany and Tony's wedding. It was a lot of fun.

The wedding ceremony was held at a church in Northeast Minneapolis, which added some excitement to the drive there, since northbound 35W was closed this weekend. Heather and Linzy slogged through the detour and accompaning traffic jam and made it to the church with about 30 seconds to spare.

I, having to drive back home to pick up our forgotten gift, was about 30 minutes behind them. But I skipped the detour and made my own way through downtown, and ended up getting to the wedding just a few minutes after them (although those few minutes did mean I missed the processional).

After the ceremony we had several hours before the reception, so we ended up hanging out in various people's hotel rooms, watching parts of The Matrix Reloaded and The Shawshank Redemption. The reception was a lot of fun, one of the most lively ones I've been at in a long time. Everyone there was having a great time and the dance floor was packed from start to finish.

Music at the social hour, and during dinner was provided by a string trio + accordian player. They were pretty good, although the accordion player was so old I kept expecting him to keel over during dinner when they were walking from table to table performing.

Linzy knows Brittany from high school, and there were a whole bunch of classmates from the Class of 1996 there.

The reception was at the Four Points Sheraton, and was quite fancy. We estimated there were around 300 people there, so it was a pretty large wedding.

The wedding party dancing.

Tony busting-a-move and showing them how it's done.

Linzy, Heather, Brittany, and Katie.


Brittany LaMere said...

Steve - This is so nice. Katie told me to check it out. Thank you! We hope you had a great time!

Steve Eck said...

Linzy and I definitely had a great time. Thank you!