Saturday, June 17, 2006

Depressing Chart of the Day

The blue line is the monthly amount we spent on gas purchases according to Microsoft Money. The red line is a 6-month moving average.

The large jump in mid-2002 is when Linzy's spending started getting entered in the same Money file. The smaller jump in late 2000 is when I traded in my Civic Si for the Pathfinder. The peak of the 6-month moving averages is in November 2004, shortly after Linzy stopped working and starting going to school full-time again.

I can't believe I got by on less then $15 a month in gas, back in 1996. I guess that is what driving a 1986 Chevy Nova and living on-campus will do for you.

I found it interesting that while the chart obviously trends upwards as gas prices increased over the past 10 years, our driving habits (whether Linzy was working or going to school, when I was driving to Duluth every other weekend from 2/99-6/00 to visit her, when I switched to a less fuel-efficient but more cargo friendly vehicle, etc) appear to have a larger impact on things.

On the other hand, that 6-month moving average has been charging upwards pretty steeply since the most recent minimum in October 2005...

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