Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm Bored

I was out staining the last portion of my deck this afternoon, and noticed one of the little neighbor boys tormenting his sister (swinging on her swing, trying to play with her toys while she was using them, etc). His Mom noticed him too, and they had this short exchange:

Mom: Freddy, stop bothering your sister!
Little Boy: But I'm bored! [ Said in a little boys whinny voice ]

I thought two things:

1) Only an older brother would think that bothering his little sister was an appropriate way to relieve boredom.

2) He's in for a long summer vacation.


Scooter said...

Steve, do you run your posts through some sort of a classification engine to link back to your old posts? I notice the keyword links aren't always rock solid, so I suspect they're programmatically generated. You roll something yourself, or use a third party tool?

Steve Eck said...

Sadly, no I link them myself.

Sometimes I have a post in mind and link back to it.

Other times I just pick something out on a whim. Thus the 'not so rock solid' ones. :)

A tool would probably be better.

Scooter said...

Damn it...if you had a tool, that would be so much easier. Maybe it's time to write one myself. I wonder if that violates my non-compete? :)

newplanet said...

What's with all this talking about tools all of a sudden?

[Sorry, couldn't resist that one.]