Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Movies: FF7: Advent Children & Saved

Over the past week or so, Linzy and I watched two movies Shawn and Andrea loaned to us: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Saved!.

Advent Children:

Back in the day, I really enjoyed playing Final Fantasy VII. The movie, I didn't enjoy quite as much.

It was definitely pretty to look at, with lots of action but the dialogue was just painful. Despite having played the game a lot, it was a long time ago and the movie made no effort whatsoever to introduce the characters and explain anything. It assumed you recalled the story of an (admittedly popular) video game released 9 years ago. Well, I didn't recall it all that well (other then Aeris dying, of course), and Linzy certainly didn't since she had never even seen me playing the game.

From what I understand from friends it doesn't matter that much, as the movie's plot was complicated enough and thrown together randomly that it didn't make much more sense even if you were intimately familiar with the game.

I think Linzy summed up the movie succinctly when she said "I like it a lot better when they don't talk".


When Shawn and I were staining the deck, he was referring to someone (Jena Malone) as that girl from Saved!. He was then horrified to discover that I had never seen that movie, and promptly gave it to Linzy and I to watch.

I ended up enjoying the movie, though I don't think quite as much as Shawn did. During the first part of the movie I was getting nervous, as I didn't find it very funny or interesting at all. By the middle things picked up, and I ended up liking the story by the end.

I still didn't think it was all that hilarious, but there was enough comedy to keep things moving along, and the acting was pretty good.

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