Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Movies: X-Men 3

On Saturday, Linzy and I went to a movie in the theater for the first time in several months: X-Men: The Last Stand. We both enjoyed it.

I went into the movie a fan of the first two movies. I liked the second one better, but enjoyed the first one as well. The third movie wasn't quite as good as X2, I thought, but it was pretty good.

The story was interesting, and there was a bit of action interspersed to keep things interesting. I liked that some of the characters had a few more shades of grey then in previous movies. Though I was disappointed that Nightcrawler didn't make a repeat appearance. I also didn't particularly like their take on Beast as a politician. Kelsey Grammer was fine, I just didn't like the writing for the character.

One thing I liked about the movie was that some people actually 'died' in it, and probably in a more permanent way then you would normally expect in a movie that is sure to have a sequel. Not that they couldn't bring them back if necessary, but at least they made an attempt to make it appear characters were actually in danger.

All in all I thought the movie was pretty good, fast-paced and interesting.


Olie said...

Did you sit through the credits to see the last scene?

Steve Eck said...

Yes we did, Gerard gave us the heads up on it. I was totally expecting it.