Thursday, June 22, 2006

Play it Again and Again

Since my MP3 player broke (err, was broken) last week I've had to listen to the radio quite a bit for the first time in months. And my apparent inability to escape Shakira's ubiquitous "Hips Don't Lie" has reminded me just how little variety most of the stations have.

I recalled seeing last week that the song set the 'world record' for most played song on pop radio, after being played 9,637 times in a week. Since that's more then once a minute all week long, I knew that translated into a lot of airplay.

What I didn't realize was that apparently they've scheduled all of those repeats across all the stations during the 30-40 minutes I'm in the car everyday. I'm pretty sure that we even have an all Shakira station now, I guess to compete with Jack FM's relative variety.

It all reminds me of the summer after I graduated high school, when I worked as a picker/packer at a local warehouse. They let us listen to the radio out in the warehouse, but unfortunately the few men there were out-voted by the hundred-or-so middle-aged women and so we had to listen to KDWB (the local pop station) all day long.

Now normally I can listen to just about any kind of music (as proven by my alphabetical music adventure). But this was the summer of Bryan Adam's "Have you ever really loved a woman?" song. I disliked the song to begin with, and after listening to KDWB play it over and over and over and over, I started hating it.

It became something of a game between me and one of my co-workers to count the number of times it was played during our work shifts because it seemed to be on constantly. I believe our count topped out at 10 times in an 8 hour day. When you throw in a morning show, 10-15 minutes of commercials an hour, DJ chatter, and traffic reports, that is a lot of times to play an almost 5 minute long song.

I still shudder when I hear the song. Of course it might just be from memories of slaving away in the non-air-conditioned warehouse in the heat of August.


Bill Roehl said...


newplanet said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're listening to Shakira FM. That was Shakira and "Hips Don't Lie". Next, the news. Then it'll be Shakira and "Hips Don't Lie"...

Steve Eck said...

Bill: Exactly.

NewPlanet: You've listened to that station too, I see. :)