Friday, June 16, 2006

Precious Junk

One thing Linzy and I discovered in Stillwater was that it seemed like every other store along main street was an antiques store of some sort. All seemingly filled with exactly the same kinds of junk.

But we did come across some pretty strange stuff. Read on for some pictures.

Did you know Harley-Davidson made beer? Neither did I.

I found this book on Shakers, it even featured drawings of their famous 'crazy dancing' style of worship. Unfortunately they wanted $16 for it, which was about $15 more then I was willing to pay.

A crazy Hopi statue of a blind man carrying a small-disabled girl (or so the sign told me). Amazingly someone paid $2500 to buy this.

Midtown Antiques is apparently famous, as they had a door autographed by various celebrities that have visted there (including Glen Close, Rich Gannon, and Sally Strothers)

Easily the scariest rabbit doll I've ever seen. As Linzy said "Could you imagine waking up to that thing staring at you?"

Who wouldn't want to play with a Winnebago Indian?

The Winnie even sported a lovely brown interior, with orange seats. How 70s.

The inside of Queen's "Killers Live" album. It's hard to believe Freddy Mercury was gay...

Jacques Cousteau wearing his "Life Aquatic" red stocking cap. ;)

Planet Baywatch and Playboar magazines.

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