Thursday, June 15, 2006

Third Anniversary

Yesterday was Linzy and my third wedding anniversary. We spent the day in Stillwater, a little town about an hour away (from Lakeville at least) on the St. Croix River.

There wasn't quite as much to do in the town as I was expecting, I was thinking it was going to be more like Red Wing where we spent our first anniversary. Still we had a pretty good time checking out the four blocks of shops on Main Street and just bumming around town.

We got into town just a little before lunch time, so walked around a bit and then stopped at Nacho Mama's for a delicious, but somewhat overpriced lunch. After that we went on a tour of the Joseph Wolf caves, which were not particularly impressive but had a somewhat interesting tour. Then we spent several hours checking out all the random stores along main street before stopping at the Northern Vineyards Winery for a tasting.

We went to the Mondavi vineyard on our honeymoon and bought a bottle of wine that we saved to drink on our first anniversary. Two years ago when we were in Red Wing we happened to stop at the Falconer Vineyards and picked up a bottle of wine which we drank this year. Next year we'll have a nice bottle of Minnesota Old Vines to enjoy.

After the wine tasting we stopped at the Luna Rossa for a tasty Italian dinner, and then came home and watched a slideshow video of the past year that I made for Linzy.

It was a fun day.

The lift bridge across the St. Croix River.

One of the original brewery wagons, left in the Joseph Wolf brew caves.

Some of the 156 steps to get from the caves to the top of the limestone cliffs on the edge of town.

"little" Phil Bunyan, The lesser known Bunyan brother.

Grumpy Steve's Coffee shop

The wine we had from the Falconer Vineyards, which was very good.

After dinner at Luna Rossa.


Moe said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love the idea of celebrating each year with a new bottle wine.

Steve Eck said...

So far, we've tried to pick out the wines while on a trip for our anniversary, and then we store the wine for a year and drink it the next.

It is kind of fun to dig out the previous years bottle from the crawlspace and remember when we got it.

McBrideFarm said...

Awwww.... That sounds like a really fun anniversary. You guys are so creative. :)

Happy anniversary!

Bill Roehl said...

Stillwater is a cute little town. There's a "hidden" waterfall back off of 95. Even though it appears that you can approach from Fairy Falls Rd, you cannot. The safest thing to do would be to park in one of the boat launch areas alongside 95 and walk down the road towards Boom Rd and enter from that dead end.

It's a good hike back there (requiring boots acceptable for lots of mud) but the waterfall itself is gorgeous.

Kim and I are planning a trip to Kansas City, MO for our one year anniversary. Looking forward to that trip!

Congrats on your anniversary and best wishes for many more.

Steve Eck said...

Sarah and Bill, Thanks for the wishes!

Scooter said...

I'm a little late, but congratulations you two (from Pooteewheet and I).