Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Too Loud, Too Soft

Today I managed to ruin my MP3 player in a single act of clumsyness. I was getting all my stuff together to head out to work. Somehow I managed to fling the Rio off the half-wall near the door onto the tile floor.

Not a big deal, its been sturdy enough to survive numerous drops in the past year. And it wasn't on, so the hard drive wasn't at much risk. Except today it hapened to fall just right so as to land on the plastic jog wheel that is in the upper right corner.

That smashed the wheel into the case, snaping it off the little internal plastic wheel that it appears the external wheel was attached to.

Now the frustrating part is that the jog wheel is almost completely uncessary. Oh, it's an easier way to scroll through large menus of song titles, but the face buttons also serve that function. So I could have gotten by without the wheel, except that it is the only way to control the volume of the player.

It happens that the player remembers the last volume it was at, so in theory I could still use it. Except that the volume isn't remembered if it was on full-tilt when shut off, it backs down to about 2/3 volume. Which is way, way too loud for my tender little ears if I was going to use headphones with the player. But at the same time, the FM transmitter doesn't work for crap unless the volume is cranked all the way up (and even then you have to define 'working' rather loosely).

So with the volume the player will be at forever-more, I can't listen to it using headphones, and I also can't listen to it in the car (which is primarily what I did with it). Rendering the entire less-then-1-year-old player useless, all because a 50 cent plastic piece cracked.

Oh, and they don't make the player anymore, meaning I'll be basically forced into buy a smaller capacity iPod. Which I was specifically trying to avoid having to do by buying the Rio.

At least the iPod will probably work a little more smoothly then the disaster that is trying to keep a Rio synching consistently with Windows Media Player.


Brenden Johnson said...

That sucks!
You should get some headphones with a volume knob built in. Maybe that would enable you to turn the volume down a bit.

Shawn said...

I have some headphones like that (with volume built in), if you want to try and see if that would work?

Steve Eck said...

Headphones with volume control would probably work. The trouble is that 95% of my mp3 player usage was listening to podcasts in the car, which it wouldn't help for.

I need to get an aux in to my car stereo, so the volume wouldn't need to be so high...