Friday, June 09, 2006

Wedding Attire

When we were at Brittany and Tony's wedding last weekend, one of the guest got me thinking about the strange things people wear to weddings.

This particular man was wearing skin tight jeans, snakeskin cowboy boots, and a tight, fitted (like a womans) button down white dress shirt. To really 'make' the outfit the shirt was unbuttoned down to the lower half of his chest. It was quite the look, considering the prevailing dressiness of the rest of the guests.

Still, he doesn't win the prize for most unique outfit that we've seen at a wedding. That award goes to the guy who wore a shirt featuring pictures of flames and jean shorts. Admittedly it was hot for that wedding, but still...


Bill Roehl said...

Where I grew up, the only attire proper for *any* wedding was a shirt, tie, and jacket.

I was warned, having our wedding in Minnesota, that people here don't tend to take the dresscode at wedding quite as seriously and that we shouldn't be surprised to see people in jeans show up.

It's crazy that 1000 miles could create such a difference in culture.

Steve Eck said...

I have seen jeans on occasion at weddings here, but very rarely. I've only seen jean *shorts* (or really any kind of shorts) once.

I only rarely wear a jacket, but I do almost always wear a tie.

Brenden Johnson said...

Y'all should go to a wedding in Montana. The dress code is pretty darn relaxed out there.
I hear you about the not-to-serious dresscode here in MN though. I never wear a jacket and have only occasionally worn a tie. But I was in Houston for a wedding over the weekend and I was one of the few "younger" guys without a jacket on. (I was in a shirt and tie)

Scooter said...

At my grandmother's funeral there was actually a guy in a faux tux t-shirt. My mother once went on a date with him before she met my Dad. Close call for me.

Steve Eck said...

Brenden, I don't even have a jacket that fits, so apparently I can't move to Houston. Darn.

Scooter, that is hilarious.