Monday, July 24, 2006

Almost Famous

[ At the risk of even more navel-gazing than normal, I can't resist mentioning this. ]

While bringing in the paper this morning, I was surprised to see my name prominently featured on a front page article. In an article on Minnesota's Blogs, John Reinan lead off with:

Steve Eck bought a TV on his lunch hour. Allison Tripp-Russo is going to a karaoke bar. And Andrew Mogendorff's son found a booger.

John had actually e-mailed me last week to see if I wanted to be interviewed for the article, but since I was sans-email all last week, it never happened. Still, my eccentric TV purchasing style managed to garner top billing.

I was even more surprised today at the number of people at work (and over e-mail or IM) who saw the article and mentioned it to me. Frequently to give me a hard time, like my boss about using company time to make personal purchases (which for the record I did not do), or my parents and several friends about my 'fame' or lack-there-of, but it was still kind of cool.


Dan Phillips said...

That is to funny. To do it justice they really should have said what kinda TV it was. If I would have know I would have bought a copy.!

Are you still going to talk to us now that your famous?

Steve Eck said...

> Are you still going to talk to us now that your famous?

Steve Eck receives a very large number of e-mails and communications from his various fans. Due to the volume, he regrets that he is unable to respond to each comment in person, but wishes you to know that he appreciates all of the comments.


Bill Roehl said...

Congrats on the nod!