Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Books: Skybowl

Last week I finished the third book in Melanie Rawn's Dragon Star trilogy: Skybowl. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as I was hoping I would.

I really enjoyed Stronghold, the first book in the trilogy, and was bored with the second book, The Dragon Token. Stronghold turned out to be surprisingly slow-moving at points, which was pretty amazing considering that most of the second book was filler as well.

After several hundred pages of all the characters sitting around waiting for the enemy invader to do something in the second book, I was expecting the third to be a tight narrative picking up the battle and moving the story forward. Instead, the main force of the enemy stay put until the very end of the book, making for a very long, drawn-out book on the preparations for the final battle.

The final battle turned out to be somewhat interesting, and there were certainly flickers of action worked into the story during portions of the book, but for the most part I found myself just waiting for the end.

Normally I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to fantasy novels, but for some reason I was annoyed that after such an eventful first book in the series the next two books spent so much time without anyone really doing much of anything.

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