Sunday, July 09, 2006

Convergence 2006: Pictures

Pictures from this year's Convergence convention.

Gerard, Brenden, Mike and Linzy.

Linzy's glass from the Black Fleet Travel Agency room.

Dan and Gerard singing along to some song.

The Bacon room had waffles!

Brenden crumbled under an onslaught of peer-pressure in the Dystopia room and got his tattoo on his forehead.

After some drama on Friday night that Gerard felt was interfering with his ability to have a good time, he made this T-shirt on Saturday.

Two people didn't think the shirt was very funny, but everyone else sure did.

Brenden reached "Elite Ninja" status and was rewarded with a headband (that I was claiming probably said something insulting since no one could read it).

Dan and The King.

Gerard, Mike, Me and Brenden with mad-cow vaccines.

Linzy and Brenden early in a night when I was still taking non-embarrassing pictures .

Gerard pretending to make out with the scary dummys in the SLA Industries room.

Three suits were required to watch one worker bee measure the length of the rope on the life-preserver at the pool.

Pixie sticks make anything taste better, and add a layer of disturbing sludge to the bottom of the glass.

That necessitated an amusing chant "Drink the sludge, drink the sludge"

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