Monday, July 10, 2006

Convergence Con 2006: Friday

Last weekend, Linzy and I joined a big group of our friends at the Convergence convention (pictures here). The convention was a lot of fun as always, and it was great to be able to hang out with people we don't normally see all that often.


We got to the convention around 4:30 on Friday and spent a few hours waiting for elevators to bring our stuff up to the room, wandering the dealers room with Gerard, and verifying where everyone was, when they were arriving, and whether they wanted to go out to eat. Eventually more people started arriving, and Linzy and I went out to dinner with Brenden. We had one of the best Davanni's pizzas I've ever had (and I've had a lot), which was so good Wes was even raving about the leftover pieces.

After dinner, we re-grouped in one of the hotel rooms for some multiplayer DS entertainment and some drinks before heading down to the convention floor. We spent most of the rest of the night wandering the cabana rooms, checking out what was going on.

There were lots of fun rooms with entertaining people. And I also ran into a few people I knew, some of whom I didn't expect to see at the convention (like Jake).

In the GraveDiggers room, the bartender was serving 'Trust Me's which turned out to be really good (though pretty stiff, and kind of a crapshoot as to whether any individual drink was good). Upstairs there was a room serving some sort of libation, with a pixie stick poured into it. I had to pass on the pixie stick because that was just gross, but everyone else seemed to like it.

Then there was the geisha room, where Brenden and Gerard accepted quests to become ninjas. Brenden was really into doing the quests, and so at one point I was telling the Ninja Master that whatever quest she gave him next had to be a 'secret' so that he was forbidden from talking to us about it.

Dan was a fan of any room with food and discovered that the Bacon room had waffles (and bacon of course). That was a big hit with everyone in the group, so we spent quite a while in there. They also were serving 'Fuzzy Cosmonauts', which turned out to be vodka and Tang, and tasted just as bad as I was expecting.

Towards the end of the night, we stopped by the Dystopia room to get temporary bar code tattoos. Gerard and I started telling Brenden that we were going to get our tattoos on our foreheads, and that he should too. And that he should go first, of course.

So Brenden walks up to the stand and the guy goes 'Where do you want the tattoo?'. And Gerard and I start a chorus of "Forehead, forehead". Brenden goes "Forehead...I mean Forearm. I meant Forearm!". But by then it was too late, as the whole balcony heard and joined Gerard and I in the 'Forehead' chant. Brenden, to his credit, was brave enough to go for it, and spent the rest of the night with a bar code on his forehead. Gerard and I thought that was hilarious and because we're jerks, got our tattoos on the forearm. Wes felt bad and joined Brenden in the forehead club.

The night ended disappointingly, as a couple people in the friend-of-a-friend realm decided they weren't going to get along anymore and dragged a large portion of the rest of the group into the debacle. But it was still a very fun night.

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Jake said...

It was really meeting up with you guys unexpectedly on Friday. Seeing Brenden with that barcode on his forehead made my night!