Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Convergence Con 2006: Saturday

Last weekend, Linzy and I joined a big group of our friends at the Convergence convention (pictures here). The convention was a lot of fun as always, and it was great to be able to hang out with people we don't normally see all that often. I posted about Friday yesterday, so today we pick up with Saturday.


We were up relatively early on Saturday, which was surprising considering the late night on Friday. After eating breakfast (completely with a side of Hot & Spicy Barbeque chips, what could be better?), Brenden, Linzy and I went downstairs and wandered the convention for a while.

We checked out the art room which featured the same pictures as always, though slightly more poorly-drawn naked women then last year (which in turn had more nudity then the previous year). There were a couple cool things, like a few pieces of bronze sculptures created using the lost wax method. There was also a guy there who sold painted table-top miniatures, and had some extremely impressive pieces on display. They looked almost as good as the ones I use to paint back in the day. Yeah. Almost the same.

The silent auction room and space enthusiast rooms were very similar to last year, and the dealer's room didn't seem quite as packed as some previous years. The highlight of the dealer's room was a large display of t-shirts with amusing sayings on them. By far the best was one that had a picture of a guy pointing at an RPG rulebook, and the text "Not only are you wrong, but the rules say you're a dick". Hilarious (at least in nerd humor terms), but I couldn't justify the $20 price tag since I would never wear it.

After a while of wandering, we started trying to track other people down. This turned out to be a lot harder then expected and actually consumed most of the rest of the day.

The previous night, I had arranged with the gaming sub-head for the convention (a former co-worker) to have him teach a group of us to play Twilight Imperium, a complex strategy game legendary for its insanely large 2 foot by 1 foot game box. This sounded like a good plan to everyone who I mentioned it to, at least at the time. When it came time to actually round people up, however, we never managed to get a complete group together.

People were gone, then some were back, then others said they were coming back but didn't, then we weren't sure if we should wait, and then eventually it was just too late to start an 'epic' boardgame.

So instead we spent most of the rest of the day playing multi-player DS (Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Brothers). That was fun, although we didn't really have enough DSs for everyone which presented some challenges. We also probably needed some more variety in games to play as at one point Felicia exclaimed "Don't you ever get tired of winning?". Anyone who knows me can answer that: NO.

Eventually everyone was located and accounted for, and we went out as a group for dinner. That was fun, but then afterwards in the time it took Linzy, Brenden and I to go down four floors and back up, we managed to lose Gerard and Dan. So we ended up doing more waiting.

Once everyone got back we all went down to the convention area and spent the rest of the evening wandering around checking things out. For the most part, it was similar to the previous evening.

Brenden managed, through deceit and the assistance of my wife, to achieve the rank of "Elite Ninja". This got him a cool headband that everyone was jealous of. Gerard was interviewed for a podcast, but that ended up mostly being me making joke answers to the questions. They went over well at the time, but I'm not sure how they will translate into the recording.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable convention. I would have liked to have done something a bit more involved on Saturday during the day, but having trouble locating people and figuring out what everyone's plans are is pretty much a constant problem at conventions.

Despite my enjoyment of the convention, I am still planning at this point to stick to my claim that this was my final Convergence convention. Everyone else seemed amenable to the idea of doing something different, it's just a matter of coming up with some other fun activity.

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