Saturday, July 01, 2006

Grandson Smarts

When Linzy and I were in Chicago back in May we spent one of the afternoons visiting my Grandma. One of the things we did with her was go out to eat at one of her favorite restaurants: Max & Erma's.

While we were waiting for our food, Grandma was having some trouble with her glass of water. The napkin kept sticking to the glass, and since she had a broken arm at the time, she was having a hard time getting the napkin off the glass. So I showed her how if she put some salt on the napkin, it would keep the sweating glass from sticking to it. She thought that was a pretty great idea.

A few weeks after Linzy and I were visiting, my parents went down for a visit. They ended up going out to lunch with Grandma as well. While waiting for their meal, my Mom's napkin was sticking to her glass. And my Grandma leaned over and said something to the effect of:

Oh, I'll show you how to fix that, just lift up the glass and put some salt on the napkin. Steve taught me that when he was down here; he's so smart. I've been showing everyone at Luther Village that trick. I wonder where he learned it?

My Mom kind of laughed and said "Oh it was probably during his beer drinking days in college".

To which my Grandma immediately came to my defense and said "Oh, Steve didn't drink beer in college".

And how can you argue with that?


wleino said...

Grandma's know best.

Moe said...

Yeah, I'm almost certain that you didn't drink in college.

At bars on the other hand...

newplanet said...

Maybe she thought you were a G&T man?