Monday, July 24, 2006

How to Not Sell Me A Book

Last week while we were in Duluth, Linzy and I decided to head into town. We had a few errands to run and I wanted to use the Internet to look up a few things and to VPN into work since I had missed a somewhat important conference call on Monday due to the time being moved.

So our first stop was at the local Barnes and Nobles, to use their wireless. On the way into the store you practically tripped over Phantom, the latest book by Terry Goodkind.

I enjoy Terry Goodkind's books (though more so his earlier Sword of Truth novels, rather then the most recent ones). Strangely, I had stumbled across Terry's previous book randomly the same week it was released and now I had run into his latest book on the day it was released. How could I not buy it?

So I carried my book and laptop over to the Starbucks area, bought a small cup of coffee to ease my guilt over using their free wireless, and sat down to get my work done. Only to discover that their wireless wasn't free.

In retrospect I am not sure why I was convinced it would be free. I guess I was just figuring that free wifi was a standard coffee shop offering these days. Not so, apparently.

In protest over the fairly outrageous fees they wanted for even a quick connection and the over-priced coffee I had bought in preparation for guilt that didn't actually occur, there was only one recourse: not buying Phantom, of course.

I really showed them. :)

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