Saturday, July 29, 2006


Today Linzy and I were driving over to my parent's house for dinner. On the way, we were following a Dodge Magnum wagon slowly up Cedar Ave. To pass the time we started talking about the Magnum, how Linzy didn't like them but her father did, etc.

After a bit, we realized that there were actually three Magnums in front of us, one in each lane inspiring this conversation:

Linzy: Oh, there's actually three in front of us. See that?

Steve: Yeah.

Linzy: Maybe it is a Magnum club or something.

Steve: I guess it could be, but I doubt it.

Linzy: Well you don't normally see three all in one place.

Steve: Yeah, I think there are laws against that sort of thing.

Linzy: I was thinking it was because they hadn't sold three.

And that, I guess, is proof that an Eck sense of humor is slowly but surely rubbing off on Linzy.

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Brenden Johnson said...

That's good humor!