Friday, July 14, 2006

Movies: Fun with Dick and Jane

Last weekend on Sunday, after we got home from Convergence, Linzy and I eventually sat down to watch Fun with Dick and Jane. I added the movie to our Netflix queue a while back after a friend strongly recommended it. I am not a huge Jim Carrey fan, so I was not exactly sure if I would enjoy the movie. The movie turned out to be OK, but not one of my favorites.

The basic storyline is that Dick and Jane are living a typical over-extended American lifestyle. Dick gets a promotion, Jane quits her job, and then Dick loses his job when his employer goes under suddenly (Enron style). Deeply in debt, the two eventually turn to a life of crime to make a living.

I didn't have any issue with the premise, I'm always amused by anything lampooning senior management. My issue was more with the amount of slapstick Jim Carrey humor the movie depended on. Now, I like Ace Ventura as much as the next guy, but in general, I prefer a more "Liar, Liar" level of zany Jim Carrey antics. There's only so many times you can make funny faces or robot arm movements before I start thinking maybe we could keep things moving.

That is not to say there weren't funny parts in the movie, there were. I just kept finding myself wishing they would move things along a little faster. The movie is in a difficult spot, I think. If you were a huge Jim Carrey fan, you would probably have been frustrated that the movie didn't feature more of him demonstrating his flexibility, and if you disliked Jim Carrey there is almost no chance you would enjoy the movie. Since I was somewhere in the middle, I didn't hate the movie, but didn't enjoy it as much as others probably do.

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