Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movies: Super Size Me

Earlier this week I sat down and watched Super Size Me. The movie wasn't quite a disturbing as I was expecting it to be.

It was certainly creepy to watch Morgan's body rebel against his all-McDonald's diet, and see him throw up after eating the super-sized double-cheesburger meal for the first time. But at the same time, I had heard plenty about the film so I was pretty much expecting it. Plus I stopped eating McDonalds many years ago, so it wasn't like I was watching food I eat on a regular basis doing that to a person.

Regardless, I found Super Size Me interesting. If for no other reason then to watch the ridiculous consequences to a person's body if they eat nothing but McDonalds for an entire month.


newplanet said...

Not in love with this movie. Like, do I need some movie maker to make a fortune out of telling me that eating McDonald's is bad for me? Uhm, hello - do you think I have the IQ of a gnat?

I also thought it was a bit fishy that he continued the experiment when his doctor told him it was likely it would KILL HIM. If it *really* was going to kill him, wouldn't he have just stopped?

Steve Eck said...

I agree with your comments about the doctor's saying it would kill him. I didn't buy that they were saying it would kill him in the 10 days he had left. It seemed more like the bodies over-reaction to a complete and drastic diet change.

But then again, I would have stopped after gaining 20 pounds in a couple weeks, anyway. :)