Saturday, July 15, 2006

Off the Grid

Linzy and I will be in Duluth for the next week, spending some time with Linzy's parents. My pager doesn't work up there (thank god), nor does my cell phone work at their house, and there is no Internet access.

Originally the plan was for Larry and I to install a new wood floor in the kitchen/dining room, but Sandy just had surgery on Tuesday so I don't know that we will be able to rip up the main traffic area of their house.

Should be an interesting week.


Bill Roehl said...

We went up to Duluth for the day yesterday, as you probably already know Steve, but my phone works there just not GPRS.

Since I rarely use my mobile phone for anything other than Internet access, I just turned it off and put it in the car. It was really nice not being interrupted by the buzzing and wondering if it was important enough to check...

I didn't get to take any mobile pics but that gave me more time to use the camera ;)

Enjoy the week!

Steve Eck said...

Where Linzy's parents live, which is a ways out in the country outside of Duluth, my cellphone works sometimes but half the time it wants to switch to analog roam. That drains the battery so much that I mostly just leave it off and turn it on only when I'm actually in Duluth.

I wouldn't mind having internet access up there, but it is nice to get completely away with no chance of work bothering me.