Monday, July 03, 2006

Trimming the Garage

On Sunday, my Dad came over to help with my latest home improvement project, replacing the wood trim around my garage with new vinyl fake-wood trim.

My house faces south, so the front trim takes quite a beating from the elements. Luckily most of the trim is sheltered by the front entryway alcove, so the detail trim around the door doesn't need to be painted very often. However the trim around the garage door is afforded no such protection, and so over the years it has really started to weather. To make matters worse, the previous homeowner thought it was a good plan to just paint over the previous years paint each spring, creating an impossible to completely remove quintuple layer of peeling paint.

Last fall, I made the executive decision that the garage trim was going the way of the buffalo, to be replaced with maintenance free vinyl trim. Unfortunately my job didn't afford me enough free time last fall to do the project, so I was just getting around to it a year later.

The replacement of the trim actually went surprisingly smoothly. There were a few moments of head scratching, while we worked to get a piece of jamb cut to exactly match the slope of the garage floor and notched to avoid the cement cut-out for the slightly skinnier former jamb board, or while we made a piece of j-channel flashing to fill in a mistake made by the siding installers, but otherwise it went more-or-less as planned.

The fake-wood was really easy to work with. We were able to use my miter saw to make all of the cuts (except the notches which were done by hand with a drywall saw), and my dad's nail gun made installation a snap.

The worst part of the whole job was the weather, as it was over 100F in the sun on Sunday. Luckily we could work in the shade inside the garage when we were cutting anything, so there was at least brief respites from the sun.

The end result was well worth the work and discomfort, however, as the new trim looks a million times better. Plus in theory it should require little-to-no on-going maintenance. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The old garage trim.

The very weathered old trim on one side of the garage.

Thanks to no caulking, a rather shoddy install-job, and some strategic gaps in the j-channel, the old trim was collecting water in a few spots and causing the paint to peel away from the inside.

One side of the garage, with jamb boards in place and the first piece of brick moulding.

The same side with the new trim fully installed (except for the nail holes filled).

And the new view of the front of the house.

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