Monday, August 14, 2006

Bike Washing

On Sunday Shawn and I planned out a trip into Minneapolis to do a bit of bike riding with a change of scenery.

The plan was to drive up to Minnehaha Park, ride over to Lake Harriet and around that lake, Lake Calhoun, and Lake of the Isles, and then back. A nice, flat, 20 mile ride where we could rack up some gaudy average mile-per-hour numbers.

That was looking good up until about 6 miles into the ride (right as we started going around Lake Harriet) when it started to rain.

Initially we were hoping it would just be a light sprinkle and pass through, as the clouds didn't look particularly imposing. Another mile into the ride it started really coming down. A mile after that, we decided it could officially be termed a 'downpour'.

Soaking wet, with my shoes squishing water out with each down-stroke, we decided to cut the ride short and head back to Minnehaha Park. Unfortunately, in our haste to get around the rest of the lake, and with the pouring rain, we managed to miss our turn off to Minnehaha Parkway. We didn't realize it until we started approaching the bandshell for the second time, and so ended up riding around the lake twice in sheeting rain.

The rain let up slightly about halfway back to the car, but by that time it was way too late. We arrived at the parking lot just as the skies opened up for round two of heavy rains, and so we threw the bikes on the rack and got the heck out of there.

The ride ended up being 17.4 miles, but those were some pretty unpleasant miles.


Shawn said...

I was having flashbacks to my 10k in the rain, but still had fun. :-)

Steve Eck said...

Linzy complained later in the day when she had to get something out of the truck "It smells like wet, sweaty men in there". I said "That's what I was transporting this afternoon, so it should". :)