Monday, August 21, 2006

Biking Update

On Sunday morning I went out for a longer ride on my bike in preparation for the upcoming St. Paul Bike Classic. The ride caught my attention when I was entering it into my log because it was one year to the day after my first attempt at a 25 mile ride (not counting the one where my wheel broke). Apparently the 20th of August is my internal threshold for "the bike classic is coming up pretty soon, I need to get this training regiment in gear".

Unfortunately I was only .4 miles per hour faster on this year's ride then last year's (that translates to a mere three minutes faster overall). I was looking better at the first split, but then fell off a bit on the second loop.

My not-so-impressive improvement is probably directly related to the fact that I just haven't been riding as much as I did last summer. I've been really busy and so have lots of weeks where I only get 1 or 2 rides in all week. My weekly mileage this year is about 25-50% less as compared to last year, which certainly can't help matters.

On the other hand, I am faster then last year, and there is something to be said for that. I've also noticed a significant improvement when riding the hills during the various routes I ride south of my house.

So on the positive side, I am still improving, even if it is not quite as much as I might like. And I am definitely having fun, which is really the point. Getting into better shape is just a bonus side-effect as far as I am concerned.


Bill Roehl said...

On our way to Northfield, I swear I saw you riding along Flagstaff near the intersection of CR-42 (around 10/10:30?) and I mentioned it to Aaron who replied, "cool." Guess he wasn't as excited as I was. He did mention that he had met the Lakeville blogger behind Follow John Kline's Money (interesting URL for that site).

So, do you happen to remember a green Mini passing you on Flagstaff? :)

Steve Eck said...

Sounds very likely that you passed me, as I was out riding around that time and I do ride up Flagstaff towards CR 42.

In fact I was even riding in the road on Sunday rather then the sidewalk, and was tired so I was weaving a bit more then normal. So I was probably pretty obvious.

Next time you'll have to honk or wave or something. :)

Bill Roehl said...

Well, I wasn't sure it was you until we were already on 42 and you were still huffin' it up Flagstaff.

I don't think it would have mattered if he honked at that point but I'll make sure to try harder next time :)

Steve Eck said...

Huffin' it up Flagstaff was right, at that point in the ride I was pretty tired. :)