Friday, August 11, 2006

Books: Mistress of Dragons & Wayfarer Redemption

I've finished two books since I read Splinter Cell a couple weeks back, one good and one not so good. The first book I read was Mistress of Dragons a book written by Margaret Weis, and the second was The Wayfarer Redemption written by Sara Douglass.

If you are at all familiar with the quality of Weis' non-Dragonlance and non-co-written-with-Tracy-Hickman books you should be able to guess which of these books was good and which was not so good.

Mistress of Dragons was a short book set in a brand-new world called Dragonvarld where Humans and Dragons co-exist somewhat peacefully. The book revolves around a few characters, a priestess and her lover, a king, a dragon in human form, and an evil dragon manipulating events. The book's plot featured a few mysteries, but for the most part they were pretty shallow. The majority of the plot twists could be seen coming from a mile away.

The book just didn't grab me all that much. I did like a few of the characters and am somewhat curious to see what happens in the next two books in the trilogy so I imagine I will read them at some point. But they certainly won't be bounced up to the top of the list.

The next book I read was The Wayfarer Redemption, another book Linzy randomly picked up for less then a dollar somewhere along the line. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the book. The world the book is set in is fairly unique and interesting. I liked most of the characters (excepting the character(s) obviously setup to become 'evil' over the course of the next books), and thought most were very believable. The plot was interesting enough to keep things moving, and the interesting world provided some cool settings for events to take place.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series (which is the only other one that I own), but first I am going to read Phantom, which Linzy found for pretty cheap.

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