Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Check is in the Mail

Today was the 9th business day after our camera arrived in Connecticut for repairs. Sony claimed that the repair would take no more then 10 business days to complete, so I have been concerned for the past few days that the website still listed our camera as merely 'received' versus 'in-repair'/'repair finished'/'in transit back'.

Linzy was nice enough to call the repair shop to find out what was going on. I must say I was shocked, shocked I say, to learn that the camera was not being repaired because somehow the portion of the repair that Sony was supposed to be paying for had gotten lost. So shocked that my first guess when Linzy asked me what was going on was: "Oh, I would bet that Sony never sent the other half of the repair payment"

I was suspicious in the first place when the customer service lady assured me that they would send the check ahead of time and it would be there by the time my camera arrived. That seemed feasible, but unlikely, given the speed your average global corporation moves at.

But I gave them the benefit of the doubt on sending the check and never followed up to ensure that it had been received (assuming that the repair shop would handle the complaining). I also gave the repair shop the benefit of the doubt about their status page, assuming that it was possible the camera would stay in 'received' status until the last second when they shoved a replacement refurbished camera in the box and kicked it out the door.

All that credit I was giving towards those two companies actually solving problems without needing my intervention was apparently misplaced. All that got me was wasting two weeks with the camera just sitting in the arrival dock.

After 45 minutes on hold with various people, I am assured the matter has been taken care of and the repair will be in process shortly. We'll see. If it isn't ready in time for our mid-September trip to a cabin in Brainerd I will be extremely upset.

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