Saturday, August 05, 2006

Creature of Habit

A few weeks ago I finally broke down and edited the start page I use for Firefox at home. The page I use was one part of my very first homepage way back in college, that had links to various things.

Having a page of 'your favorite places' was common-place back then, but I actually did it for practical reasons. I worked in the computer labs at UMD and so was frequently sitting in front of a computer other then my own personal computer with nothing to do but surf the web. So having a page with links to where I wanted to go was handy.

Anyway, after I finished college, the link page survived on my hard drive and is still in use as the start page. Except that I stopped updating it. I suppose with the rise of decent Internet search, and actually being in front of a computer that will save bookmarks made the page sort of unnecessary. But I still used like two or three of the dozen links on the page.

The other day I decided that while it was nostalgic to have a link to (say), it probably wasn't serving much purpose anymore. So I went through and edited the page for the first time since 2/99 and removed/replaced almost all of the links with links to places I actually visit.

That is great, except that for the past 7 years I've been used to only using a couple of the links in certain places in the list. And so I still find myself frequently clicking on links that I didn't mean to, because some other site used to be link #2 in the list and now link #2 points somewhere totally different.

So far I have resisted juggling the list so that the former site is back in the number two spot, because that seems silly. But it also seems silly every time I end up at AVSForum when I meant to go to Shacknews.


Bill Roehl said...

I am strange. I *refuse* to use bookmarks and I only use about:blank as my "home page".

Steve Eck said...


It's easy enough to remember URLs, but why would I want to type them in or navigate to them when I can just click on a link?

Bill Roehl said...

I said I was strange. I don't expect everyone else to follow my rules for computer use unless they are using my computer :)

Brenden Johnson said...

I am the same way as Bill. I've tried to use different home pages over the years but I always come back to about:blank. I suppose my top toolbar and sidebar serve the purpose. I imagine that there are people out there who can't stand to have a toolbar of links or have the sidebar open all the time.

More on topic...I can't believe you finally changed your links page, Steve. Wow.

Steve Eck said...

I don't like the sidebar, but I think that is mostly because I don't have a widescreen monitor, so it takes up too much room. I also don't like the links toolbar.

Bookmarks and a custom start page, all the way. :)