Thursday, August 31, 2006


Several months ago, we got an inflatable beach ball in the mail from our mortgage broker along with her newsletter. On a whim, I inflated it and left it out on the deck. Since then I have amused myself by watching its random progress around the deck.

Initially I was sure that it would blow around for a day or two and then eventually get stuck somewhere and just stay there. However, even after three months it continued to make its way from one side of the deck, around the corner of the house to the other side of the L-shaped deck. Every time I was sure it was stuck under a chair, or in back of a planter, a day or two later I would see it blowing past the sliding glass door.

Tonight, while I was out moving the sprinkler in the backyard I noticed that the ball had managed to escape from the deck, roll down the hill and into our neighbors yard.

It turns out that someone left the gate to the deck open and the ball took its chance for freedom and escaped.

Unfortunately, after I retrieved it and threw the ball back on the deck, Pippen decided to punish it for its indiscretions.

And killed it.

That'll teach it, I guess.


Brenden Johnson said...


Brenden Johnson said...

This made me think of a line from one of the ants in the Simpson's episode Deep Space Homer:

"Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!"

McBrideFarm said...

Too funny on both watching a beach ball float around your deck and checking its progress every day...and the pics of Pippen killing it. Oh, and the Simpsons quote was also amusing. :)

Steve Eck said...

I like the Simpson's quote.

Sarah, It wasn't like I sat there each day and inspected the ball's progress, I would just periodically notice it.

Pippen on the other hand apparently had deep-seated resentment of the ball, as she was very enthusiastic about making sure it was dead by thrashing it back and forth (as in the blurry picture)